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7.62×39 AR Build Update

7.62x39 AR Build

A quick update on my latest project.

The upper is a BCA Upper chambered in 7.62×39. 

16” barrel.

Lightweight keymod hand guard.

I added an Anderson lower just because. Those that follow our podcasts will understand. I installed a set of Bastion takedown pins, etched with a small US Flag on the head. Because …well… “Merica”. Additionally a Bastion threaded trigger guard with a matching US Flag. 

I installed a Luth AR RFL/FDX buffer tube assembly and a MAGPUL MOE rifle stock and pistol grip.

My next purchases will be a heavy hammer spring (needed for the 7.62×39) and upgraded lower parts. I’m not sure what controls I’m going to use yet but I will give an update when the project is complete. 





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