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CMMG 22 Conversion Kit – Second Generation

CMMG 22 Conversion Kit Generation 2

Previously we had published a video discussing a CMMG 22 kit we had purchased 9 year ago at SHOT. It didn’t run very well. Ehhh….no big surprise. It’s a 22 kit. Not a dedicated gun. 

Well….CMMG reached out to us and stated, “We redesigned the kit years ago for a reason. Let us send you a replacement”. 

Which they promptly did. 

Recently we had a heat wave come through the range (Around 30 Degrees F) and figured it might be a good day to give it a go? Primarily because the rest of the range is now a swamp, and I can easily test the kit while up by the CONEX parking pad. 

Bottom line: Ran 100%. Zero issues with function, accuracy or magazines. Additionally, the original mags work just as good as the new magazine that came with the replacement. That gives us 4 mags to maybe do a little run-and-gun in the pit! 

I am very, very happy with this new kit. And I can’t say enough about CMMG reaching out to take care of us. Did I mention the previous kit, while NIB, was 9 years old? NINE YEARS! In the world of customer service, that has to be some kind of record for any industry. NINE YEARS! 

Additionally, they told us specifically, that if any of our viewers have an old kit that is giving them problems, CMMG wants that kit back and will exchange it. 


How to tell if you have an old kit? The biggest tell I think: The upgraded one is either stainless or plated. So basically…”shiny kit good”…”flat/dull kit bad”. Obviously model ID is conditional on any new information coming to light. 

Thank you CMMG. 






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