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90 Degree Turn Drill

90 Degree Turn Drill
90 Degree Turn Drill

So this video shows two very important thanks for the home-gamer. In the same video, you will see me set a personal record; and then fall apart trying to repeat or best that. 

On any drill, it’s good to figure out what your baseline is. Then figure out what your repeatable standard is. Ideally these first two should points should be in mild conflict. 

And then push it. See what’s possible. Risk failure. 


The drill: 

Draw and turn 90 degrees to engage the target with 1 shot, at 10 yards. As for the target, doesn’t really matter. I mean…sure it does objectively. Just like baseball stats. 

But for your needs, pick a target. Paper or steel. Then get out the timer and go to work! 






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