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A German MP40 Sold For $12k

German MP40 Sale Price Machine-gun
German MP40 Left side.

I am posting really for my benefit and education. Not being up on all NFA market prices, I was surprised to see this transferrable, fully functional, MP40 sell for $12,000. I know I have seen them sell for much more? 

So…is the fact it has a different “tube” a drag on the price? If so, was this a one-off thing never to seen again? Or are there racks and stacks of non-original MP40 transferrable guns out there to buy?

I ask for a simple reason: We need a 9mm sub-gun in the armory. So I have been looking at some different options. But I didn’t think the MP40 was even a possibility. 

So what gives? Are there shooter-grade MP40’s looking for a home in The Armory? 






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