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Accuracy International AX-ELR 50BMG
Accuracy International AX-ELR 50BMG

A few things going on here. This team has a new 50 BMG caliber rifle. The Accuracy International AX-ELR. Up until this point, they have been running Barrett M82’s. 

Recently their state qual standards have changed and the Barrett cannot perform the accuracy needed for the course of fire. So their command staff had to make a decision: Drop the 50’s from the inventory, or invest in a gun that can meet the state accuracy standards?


Well…to this team’s credit, they decided to pony up the money and maintain the capability. I’ll never know, but I suspect the team commander hasn’t forgotten a handful of activations in recent years where 50’s were specifically, and earnestly, called for. One incident even making the national news. 

So what is going on today? Brand new AI rifle. Needs to be zeroed and adjusted. And each sniper has to learn the system while also shooting to pass the state qual. Shots from 100-200-300 yards. 

They all passed. Which reflects well on them.

One more point. Counting on all my fingers and toes, I guess this is costing the team a minimum of $8 a shot. For a gun that theoretically might not get used on a callout for a very, very long time. If ever. At least one should hope. 

That would normally be a hard sell. And in today’s upside down times, even more so. But to his credit, the new team commander decided he wants a sniper section that isn’t planning around hope. He approved the purchase. He made the case to the elected officials. And he got it done.

I like this new commander. 






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