ACR Stock for SCAR?

Someone reached out and wanted to know why I haven’t replaced the “UGG” boot on our SCAR-16?

The reason is actually quite simple. Regardless of what, “They say”; I happen to really like the factory SCAR stock. It folds. It telescopes. It has an adjustable cheek riser. When closed will still allow for rifle to be fired. And it’s never broken.

SCAR footprint

I can’t speak for everyone, but the story about the SCAR stocks breaking is likely trope, Internet headline reading. Or some company with a vested interested in selling you an aftermarket SKU.

Mine is comfortable. Hasn’t broken. Never personally seen one break. And I have never meet anyone in real life (or the internet) who has personally broken a SCAR stock. It’s always a friend of a friend’s, cousin’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s, grandmother; who once knew a guy, who read on a forum that SCAR stocks break.


SCAR-17 & 16 Maker’s Stock Photo. 17 at bottom.

Now…I am not saying that it never happened. See “Bowling Ball vs USMC” to remind us all what is humanly possible. All that I am saying is the stock is comfortable for me and I have zero intention to change out parts; unless there is a demonstrable upgrade in performance.

ACR Stock for SCAR rifle. Not the SKU / Product number if you are looking to buy one. This will help.

So unless there is an actual breakage, there are zero plans to upgrade our SCAR-16 stock. Now or in the future.



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