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Adams Revolver (MKIII)

Adams Revolver. British MK III
Adams Revolver. British MK III

Saw this over at Shooters Supply. An Adams Revolver also known as the British Army MKIII. 

Introduced in 1878, this is the gun you would have actually seen used in all the Zulu wars and the early Anglo-Afghan conflicts. To me, it looks like a Webley, but apparently this is a predecessor. 

The chambering is in something called “450 Short”, and no, the dealer didn’t have any ammo to go with it. 

Normally this would be a revolver that could have been picked up for the reference collection, but I am not going to deal with hand loading. So we passed. 

Unless…maybe some boutique ammo maker starts re-popping 450 Short. Then I will reevaluate. Until then…






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