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Adjusting Steiner 5-25 Military Scope

Steiner 5-25 Military Scope Zero Adjustment.
Steiner 5-25 Military Scope Zero Adjustment.

This is a painful video to make and even more painful article to write. I have to present the issue in two ways: Scope theory & quick-n-dirty how too. Why? In short, the factory instructions for adjusting the Steiner 5-25 Military Scope are incorrect. 

Key Points:

  • Do not remove the elevation turret under any circumstances. 
  • The zero stop is mechanically connected to the elevation turret zero by -2 tenths (-0.2mil).
  • Scope has 26 MILS of elevation possible. 
  • Factory settings are zero at 0.0 MILS with 26MILS elevation Available. This is ideal for canted base, long range rifles. 
  • People get in trouble with these scopes when switching from a 0 MOA base back to a canted base. 
  • If your scope has significantly less elevation and you can’t zero your rifle, follow these steps:
  1. Figure out how many MILS/MOA you are missing. 
  2. Loosen the set screws and slide turret to the corresponding number of missing MILS/MOA. Retighten screws. 
  3. Now confirm how many MILS/MOA you have regained. 
  4. If satisfied, proceed. If short, adjust again for missing MILS/MOA.
  5. NOW you can shoot your rifle and set YOUR zero. 
  6. The zero stop will be -0.2 below YOUR zero automatically. You cannot set the scope zero stop independently.






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