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AimPoint 6x Magnifier
AimPoint 6x Magnifier

Those who have followed the podcast have heard about me getting my ass kicked, rank wise, in a Sheriff of Baghdad carbine class. 

I knew halfway through, I was going to have to mount a magnifier on my truck gun. After looking at some of the LPVO’s, I decided to just go with a AimPoint 6x flip-over mag. 

My thinking is I still get the true red-dot at CQB range. Which is very important to me. But gives me the ability to shoot groups at moderate ranges. 

Will it work? Dunno. Is this better than a LPVO? Dunno. I just figured this gave me the most flexibility with the least “change”. 

Oh. One more thing. My AimPoint RDS is a H1. Not optimal for this. But I’m making it work so far. Just figure out which end of the “slash” your bullets hit? And use that as the aiming point. 

Easy peasy. 






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