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Alternative to Stippling

Pistol stippling alternative. JB Weld Epoxy and polishing compound.
HK Vp9 grip texture. Notice how high the the texture goes.

Chuck S. posted an image of this gun on our Facebook account. I thought the stippling was so interesting that we should post it here. Turns out it’s not stippling at all! It’s epoxy with a polishing compound impregnated in it. —Marky


I did this to mine [VP9] about four weeks ago.  Since then, I have run probably 2k rounds through it.  (I shoot a LOT). 

This is the stuff I purchased at Harbor Freight. Yeah… I know. But it was cheap. Less than twenty bucks.

Pistol stippling alternative. JB Weld Epoxy and polishing compound.
Polishing compound..

I used masking tape to cover the areas I didn’t want to have the silicon carbide. Used an exact-o knife to trim. Used a cheap foam paint brush o coat the grip. It is very important to tape well. Tape EVERYTHING you don’t want covered. Then just sprinkle he grit over the frame and wait about thirty minutes.

To give an idea, it is hot here in Texas.  I am just south of Houston.  Lots of sweat.

This has made a difference for me.  The first match I shot after doing this I placed third… but I was shooting under IDPA rules and the guys that bested me were shooting USPSA rules.  Comps, 100 round mags, etc.  The next match I shot I placed second, but got cocky toward the end.  It really does feel like it sticks to my hands.

I hope you experience is similar.

Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always replace the panels.  That was my thinking anyway.



Chuck S.


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