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Armory Chat 45 – C96 / Red 9 Mauser

C96 Red 9 Mauser
Armory Chat 45: C96 Red 9 Broom Handle Mauser

We’ve been in the market for a shooter grade C96 for a while. But what made the quest even harder was we wanted it chambered in…you guessed it…9×19. Which is where the, “Red 9” moniker comes into play. 

In summary: Used C96. Made by Mauser in Germany. Exported to China. At some point imported or brought into the US. It was caliber converted by hogging out the chamber and barrel. Non matching bolt. Paired with a reproduction stock and holster. 

And the Pièce de résistance? It has been refinished. 

So…between the confusion of it possibly being a turd, there wasn’t a lot of interest in it. So we snatched it up. 

A shooter grade Broom-handle Mauser in 9mm parabellum. WHat’s not to like?!







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