Asym 308 175 Grain Ammo. 100 Yards. Sig Sauer / Blaser Tactical 2 Rifle

We had stopped up at Cabelas a few weeks ago and saw some of Stan Chen’s Asym ammo on the shelf. Been meaning to try this brand for a while since the buzz has been very positive. Luckily, the boxes in stock were 175 grainers. Just what I was looking for since I decided 168g 308 wasn’t going to cut it long range at sea level. The weather was very hot. 90 degrees. Zero wind. About 700 feet MSL.

The target is the first 5 shots. The scope was zeroed for 168 so I decided to pick a corner of the box and see where it hit. 5 shots. 1 ragged hole. VERY nice by almost any reasonable standard. Seriously considering using this load as my standard factory 308 load.

The rifle is a Sig Sauer / Blaser Tactical 2 in 308. The scope is a Steiner.


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