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Attention X9 Owners

Wilson 2011 X9
Attention X9 Owners. Buy magazines.

I made this video on Thursday before the word came down from the White House on gun control. Looks like the timing is spot on. 

The Wilson EDC X9 guns are relatively new for us. And one thing we specifically like about the model is the 18+1 option. Well…I can’t count on that option being available if I don’t have magazines for it. Right?

So while we have a huge pile of AR and Glock mags in The Armory, it was time to stock up on the 18rd X9 tubes. My advice for any other X9 owner is to do the same. 

As of this shipment, we are up to 30 mags. Probably will order a few more to make it 40 or 50. 

What is my logic behind that number? I am going to be 50 y/o this year. If I live to be 90, and consume, wear out, break or lose 1 mag a year? That’s 40 mags. 

So understand this from a high volume shooter or competitor perspective. The 40 mag count is literally a minimum number. Using this calculus, every year I don’t consume a mag,  gives the equation a little more breathing room down the line.

Imagine what numbers are needed for shooters who are 21, 30, or 40 years of age? Best get buying. Don’t count on logic and politics to save you. The original AWB caught a lot of us completely by surprise. 

Don’t let the next ban do you the same way. 






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