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Howa 1500 in a custom Blaser Tactical 2 / R93 like chassis.

So Bob from Australia reached out a while back and wanted to tell me about his custom “Blaser Tactical 2 Like” chassis. It seems he like the LRS/TAC2 ergonomics so much, he went out and simply made his own. I don’t know what I was expecting to see when I opened the images, but I can say with zero hesitation I was blown away by the detail. —Editor 

Hi crew. I was just talking to Marky on YouTube regarding Blaser rifles.

I got a little story for you.About ten years ago I attended a precision shoot here in Australia, the police snipers brought out their Blaser rifle. We asked if we could shoot it, yep no worries at all. Man I had trouble with it. 

Magazine kept dropping out amongst a few other issues but I will say one thing, I loved the ergonomics of it. So after the shoot, I went to the closest Blaser dealer to see if I could buy the chassis and adopt it for my rem 700. 

Yep you can, but it will $4750!!! Yep stuff that! So when I got home, I made my own hand made chassis based off the Blaser r93 tac 2. Total cost $450!I 

Recently just gave it a rebuild and put a Howa 1500 long range, 6.5 creedmoor in it. Hopefully I can do PRS this year. Will be my first match I hope I enjoy it.

Best regards Rob



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