Thursday, December 1, 2022
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LEO: SWAT - Detective Police Sniper for a major metropolitan SWAT team based in the Mid-West.

Removing Rock From AR-15 Trigger

Removing Rock Jammed AR-15 Trgger.
Take lower apart.  Remove trigger.  Remove rock.  Install Trigger.  Function check.      “Officer Mike” “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Broken Tine Down

Broken Tine Buck Down
Broken Tine spotted. Broken Tine sighted in.  Broken Tine down.  Broken Tine on the plate.    “Officer Mike” “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Trail Cam Bucks

Trail Cam Bucks Opening Week 2019 John1911 Range
Trail camera bucks on the John1911 range. Opening week, 2019. 700 yard impact area. Many doe.    “Officer Mike” “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

POTD – Battle Steel Gun Jaw

Battle Steel Gun Jaw.
We had some viewers inquire about more info on Officer Mike’s tripod setup. The manufacturer of the mount is Battle Steel. And the tripod...

MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate

MTM 4 Can ammo strorage Cases
Officer Mike sent this along. He’s not the first LEO, or even the first PD, I have seen buy these. Figured a checkbook endorsement...

The Road To 100

The Road to 100
“Officer Mike” was at a fundraiser for the kids. Kind of a high-dollar event.  Checked the Browning O/U out of The Armory and proceeds to...

Colt M16A2 – Work Gun Function Test

M16a2 NFA Police Rifle
M16A2 Government Lower Aero upper Brownells Ultra-lite BCG Faxon barrel 10.5”  Geissele Super Select Fire Trigger Geissele charging handle SLR Rifle Works adjustable...

Gucci Ammo

Officer Mike: “You wanna see some Gucci ammo?” Marky: Not knowing what that means, “Uhhh…sure?” Officer Mike: “I got a bunch of this with a knife...

Officer Mike’s Noveske N4 Afghan Setup

A few weeks back some readers inquired about the details and particulars of Officer Mike’s rifle. So here you go. —Ed Make - Noveske  ...

Glock 43x

My initial impression is ..... this is the gun the 43 should have been. Trigger is the best factory/stock Glock trigger to date       Officer Mike “Shooting Guns...