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Barn Construction Pics 1

Gun Range Barn Construction
Dropping more gravel.

For many weeks readers and listeners of the pod have heard me blame all my logistical constraints on, “Range Construction”. Well far be it from me to not include you in the process. 

Here are some take-away pics over a few weeks as things progress. You construction minded folks will note it’s not a pole barn anymore. The “19,000, cold storage, range barn” has morphed into an actual building, with 2 HAVC zones, poured foundation, with 2’ footers, 5” cement slab, 2-bedroom sized septic system, full bathroom, fiber-optic internet, spray-foam insulated, man quarters and Dense-Road-Base (DRB) sized rock for the driveway.  

This thing gets any bigger and I fear the Rebel Alliance will be temped to fire torpedos down the exhaust shaft! (Sic) 





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