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Beautiful Opening Day 2015

Deer Camp 2015. Just gorgeous.

As I type, I am sitting in the dark. With no power. And it’s zero degrees outside. Winter is fully upon us in these parts. I know many of you had your winter suspended because someone forgot to pay the, “Old-man-winter-tax”; but rest assured, tacticaltshirts’ winter dues are paid in full!

Freeze's 4-wheeler always starts when you don't need it to.
Freeze’s 4-wheeler always starts when you don’t need it to. Note the ant-hills.

I kid.

To some, pictures from a beautiful opening day are not interesting. And at one point in the past I might have felt the same way. But last year, I was in a deer stand at 5:15am freezing my butt off in a balmy 16 degree cold snap.

This year was much different. While we don’t want it to be too warm for meat processing reasons, this was a nice change. For once.

What’s your best and worst weather on opening day? If you have any pictures, feel free to post them below.



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