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Beretta 92X Performance First Shots

Beretta 92x Performance pistol
Beretta 92x Performance Review.

Ok. First shots with the 92x are in the can. Shoots very well. VERY. I didn’t include pics of the paper groups. But it’s 5 rounds holes in holes standing. For me, that’s as good as it gets. 

Yes, some will perceive the gun as heavy, but that’s relative. Anyone who carries a full sized service pistol with 17 rounds in it won’t be bothered by the weight. 

For those curious, working the frame mounted safety is just about as good as a 1911. Not as good. But a 1911 person would have zero issues using these. It’s on target, off safe. Off target, on safe. Easy peasy. 

Now for the bad. My suspicions in The Armory about this pistol’s razor blade sharpness have been confirmed. No joke. This gun borders on being crazy sharp. If…I were going to shoot the gun in competition or carry it on the street, sending it off for a dehorn is a must. Maybe Langdon Tactical could do it? 

One last surprise. I suspect these are shot at the factory. And why do I say that? The adjustable iron sights are dead nuts on POA – POI. I mean not even a hair off. While certainly possible we just got lucky, it’s statistically unlikely. Somebody was shooting this before we got it. And we bought it new. 

We are not gear reviewers. Those of you interested in this gun, I hope you enjoyed the video. This 92X Performance is now housed in our reference collection. 






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