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Best Pawnshop in a While

Used VP40. Pistol was only released a few months ago!

I travel quite a bit. Not as much as I used to, but it comes in spurts. I suppose everyone who travels is different. Some taste the local food. Others are drawn to the local pubs. While people such as myself, are always looking for guns, gun shops and gun-culture.

It doesn’t matter if I am in Timbuktu or Tacoma, I am always looking for guns.

While I am not sure what I am about to type is 100% true, I haven’t disproved it either. Only in America have I seen something known as a “Pawn Shop”. Which is interesting, because it is your local pawn shop that is the oldest form of banking.

And one thing pawn shops (with FFL licenses) like to hold as collateral is firearms. Because in the United States, firearms are always good sellers. They also bring in foot traffic. So after I made the rounds looking at the local “gun-stores”, I just typed in, “pawn shop” and set on a walk-about.

Used VP40. Pistol was only released a few months ago!
Used VP40. Pistol was only released a few months ago!

What I found in this little business blew my hair back. They had in stock, a lot of Glock pistols. A lot of HK pistols. A Remington ACR rifle. And they even had a HK VP40. That was used in the case. While I don’t “need” a 40 caliber VP pistol, I certainly thought long and hard about it. Truthfully, if it had the LEO night sites, I probably would have shipped it to my local FFL.

It has been a long time since I’ve been impressed by a pawn shop’s gun selection. So I figured I would share.


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