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Blaser Interchangeability Chart. Morlock Designs.

Chris Morlock of Morlock Designs as complied a Blaser LRS, LRS 2, LRS2 338LM and Tactical 2 parts interchangeability chart. 

Right off the bat, I find the chart to be almost over whelming mentally. Especially when trying to determine an overall trend or pattern. But maybe that’s more of a reflection on the limits of my two-celled-lizard brain?

But then I started to look at the charge from a different direction. If I have a specific question, will the charge answer it? 

Question 1. 

Will a Blaser LRS2 338LM barrel work on a Tac2? 

Blaser TAC-LRS Barrel Section.

When you look at that section, Chris has the two barrels boxed in with arrows pointing at both lists. I read that as a yes. 

Question 2.

Will my Tac2 monopod work on a LRS2? 

Blaser TAC LRS Monopod Section.

Reading the chart, it seems to say the LRS2, LRS2 338 and TAC2 all share the same monopod. Which is what I understand to be true. But…he has the LRS section segregated? So it doesn’t work on a original LRS? OK. 

Why is that column listed as TAC/LRS? Shouldn’t be it just LRS? Additionally, the TAC/LRS image shows a monopod? Does that model have a unique monopod different than the LRS2 and TAC2 models? 

Question 3.

Is my TAC2 trigger different than the LRS and LRS2?

Blaser Trigger LRS TAC Chart.

Looking at the chart, it seems that the LRS, LRS2 and LRS2 338 all share the same trigger mechanism. While my TAC2’s unit is unique. 

At least that is how I read it. If you are a Blaser owner and have some feedback for me, please feel free to comment below. 






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