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Blaser Position Shooting- New Range Test

Blaser Rifle Position Shooting

When building new ranges, before you spend big money on hiring bulldozers, it is strongly advised that you actually spend some time shooting on them first.

1.How does the land fall?
2.Are there any bump ups?
3.What about morning and afternoon sun?
4.Any drainage issues?
5.Are you creating drainage issues?
6.Any natural backstops?
7.What’s behind backstop if something goes through?
8.What’s over backstop if round goes high?
9.Does any part of area have the ability to eat bullets on its own?
11.Structures to build?
13.Prevailing winds?
14.How does rotation of Earth factor into range design for ELR Shooting?
15.Signs warning trespassers of impact zones?
16.Steel target theft. It will happen.

Lost you yet? No worries. The answer to all these questions and more is to pickup a rifle and go shooting.

The only way to know, is to do. Doing solves everything. Well…doing and money.


Rifle:Blaser Tactical 2.
Caliber:223 barrel.
Brand:Wolf 55g steel cased ammo.
Drill: Position Shooting ringing steel.


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