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Blaser R8 – Long or Short Action?

Blaser R8 Action Size
Blaser R8 - Long Action or Short Action?

Had an interesting e-mail from someone recently who was in the market for his first Blaser R8. After some back and forth, I realized he was asking where to find a long-action Blaser?

Well…The Blaser R8 action is neither long or short. Or both I guess depending on your perspective. 

But the short answer is if you buy a Blaser setup in 308. It can later be converted to run “long-action” length cartridges. This change comes with the barrel / caliber conversions. The user does nothing. 

Additionally regardless if a shooter is running a “short-action” or “long-action” chambering; he is not giving up anything ergonomically, with bolt throw or cheek placement, when cycling the action. 

The Blaser takes care of all that. 






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