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Blaser R8 Weight

Blaser R8 Weight. GRS Ragnarok weight.
Blaser R8 Weight. GRS Ragnarok weight.

Question asked: How much does my rifle weigh with all the changes I made?

Looks like over 14lbs. But understand a few things. The bipod is heavy. The scope is not lite. Scope base is steel. Rings are large sized, custom aluminum. The bolt knob is larger than factory. 

But the biggest factor in weight on a Blaser rifle is the barrel length and contour. If I cut the barrel down, or switched to a slimmer barrel profile, the weight would drop dramatically. 

All of which I can accomplish in less than 5 minutes on Blaser rifles. 

The GRS Ragnarok chassis weighs in at 4.45lbs. That is likely without the receiver block installed (Haven’t checked personally). So it’s probably not ideal for your Marco Polo Sheep hunt. 

But if you are a long range shooter who likes a fully configurable rifle? Or if you are a SWAT or animal depredation officer who shoots a lot at night with lights, lasers, night vision, thermal, tripods, mono-pods, or Swiss/ARCA rails? 

The GRS Ragnarok chassis is your best bet in the  Blaser game. 






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