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Blaser Tactical 2 Magazine Pouches

Blaser Tac2 Mag Pouch
Blaser Tac2 Mag Pouch

Had a someone reach out looking for mag pouch options for his Blaser Tactical 2. Thought about it and figured I better get this on record before the info disappears. 

A friend (forgot to ask if I could post his name) took some photographs of his work kit. They are using the 308 Mag Pouch from Voodoo Tactical. Included are some photos showing how the Blaser magazine is oriented in the pouch. 


Blaser Tac2 Mag Pouch
Voo Doo Tactical Mag Pouch US based SWAT uses.

Hopefully this helps some folks later on. 

Additionally…another friend who served in the Australian Army says they use a mag pouch from Low Vis Gear sold under the Accuracy International AXMC – AXSR Model number. 

Low Vz Gear Low Vz Gear

Blaser Tac2 Mag Pouch
Low Vis Gear Magazine Pouch that works for Blaser Tac2 Mags.

Now you have two options. The first is from a US based SWAT Team. The second is from the Australian Defense Force. BTW…for those who will ask: yes, this covers Blaser LRS2 mags as well. 






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