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Booby Trapped AK-47

Booby Trapped AK-47 Raqqa Syria

A friend of mine sent me this pic of a AK-47 uncovered in Raqqa, Syria. Apparently it was booby trapped by retreating ISIS fighters. See the special surprise under the recoil guide? Notice the Duracell 9V battery just behind it?

Since I am not there I can’t with certainty say “what” is in the package, but the 9V is a clue that when you pull the trigger things don’t function normally.

So what’s the point? Many people in the US are quick to use the phrase, “battlefield pickup” as some kind of magic talisman to overcome some problem or failure in planning. Just understand that people are the same the world over. If you leave a weapon on the ground in Raqqa or Rochester, it’s going to get picked up.

Life is chess not checkers. Always play the game a few moves ahead.


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