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Colt & Astra Books.
Colt & Astra Books.

We occasionally pick up academic literature to support The John1911 Armory’s reference collection. And these two books are an example of that.

Book One: A History of The Colt Revolver: 1836-1940. 

Colt & Astra Books.
A History of the Colt Revolver 1836-1940 –

Book Two: Astra: Automatic Pistols.

Colt & Astra Books.
Astra: Automatic Pistols.

So why these two books? Simple really. They help fill holes in our knowledge base. We know quite a bit about 1911s. Ditto Soviet Com-Bloc stuff. Astra pistols out of Spain and Colt revolvers pre-WWII? Not quite nearly enough. 

We don’t buy books to confirm what we already know. We buy books to help fill gaps in stuff we don’t. So with that being said, we will likely be actually perusing the Astra book quite intently. The Colt book will sit as a reference should a question arise. 

Like the Saturday morning show used to say, “The more you know…” 






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