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Browning Safe Break-in


A couple of readers have sent us this photo. It appears the owner of a Browning Gun Safe had his guns stolen. What is interesting is how thoroughly the door was cut. I am not expert on civilian gun safes in general or Browning safes in particular, but looking at the damage one does have to figure this is more than just a casual break-in.

Browning Safe Breakin
Browning safe cut. Plasma cutter?

Some have speculated a plasma cutter was used? I wonder why they cut where they did? Is this a normal mode of attack on this type of safe? If and when the perps are caught, I wonder what their criminal history will turn out to be?

Statistically they will have had prior contact with the owner or someone close to the owner. Because not only did they need to know about the safe, they needed to know his schedule.

Jim Shockey's Cannon Safe Stolen
Jim Shockey’s Cannon Safe Stolen

Incidentally, the famous hunter Jim Shockey just had this very thing happen to him. He was out of town attending some of the big firearms industry trade shows only to come home and find his home ransacked. In his case, they crated off his entire safe.
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