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Broken DR 52T Bush Hog. Barbed Wire Jammed Up
More barbed wire falls out at the service center!

Well…it finally happened. The bush hog went down. But through no fault of it’s own. So DR Power Systems is off the hook. 

I did it. 

After knocking out some of the easier stuff on the range, it was time to go after some of the ATV trails and impact zones. Basically…uncharted territory.

Which I knew was liable to somehow damage the bush hog. 

Here’s the short version: I hit a barbed wire fence and locked the unit up tight. And I do mean tight. The blades are frozen. The hydraulics won’t retract so the deck in stuck in a lowered position. And one tire was completely torn to shreds. Literal shreds. Another was wrapped in barbed wire like some kind of BDSM Halloween costume.  

The incident happened in the middle of the rifle range. At the 500-600 impact zone. No where near a fence. Or so I thought. 

And actually it’s ground that has been heavily bull dozed. Currently the theory is…there are some unknown fences that bisect the property to control cattle. Our range was previously a cattle ranch. In dozing the rifle range, we cut right through at least one stealth fence line. 

Broken DR 52T Bush Hog. Barbed Wire Jammed Up
More barbed wire falls out at the service center!

If that doesn’t make any sense, try to remember these fences are old and located in overgrown woods. 

However…there is a silver lining. The “incident” has forced us to find a DR service center. It just so happens the one we found is fantastic! Family owned and run. And they have taken the time to share with me the finer points of the bush hog. 

Something that the selling dealer couldn’t be bothered with. But it gets even better. The stocking dealer did not assemble the unit correctly or to DR specs. That caused some other issues I was becoming suspicious of. 

So…new parts are on the way from DR. And new friendships have been made! All’s right with the world. Even if it took me breaking the bush hog to get there. 

Hog’s down. But prospects are up! 







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