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Buy AR Magazines now.

So you think Trump won’t lose? You think the democrats can’t win? You are 100% sure that nothing will happen with gun control during this season of Congress?

Great. I hope so too. 

But if you aren’t sitting on at least 100 magazines right now? When the getting is good?  And the Trump-Slump is in full effect? You’re a damn fool!

Looking at the demographics of our Youtube watchers, I have come to realize most of you did not actually experience the Assault Weapons Ban as adult gun owners. And it has made way too many of you complacent and naive. 

If you are 20 or 30 years of age? You need to have enough AR mags and service pistol mags to last how long? 40 to 60 years? Now look at your stockpile of mags and do the math. 

Are you really set? Do you have enough? Don’t think bans are coming? People in Colorado, California and NY thought the same thing. 

Magazine are cheap. Stupid cheap. Quality made, teflon coated, magpul follower, GI mags can be had for well under $10.00 a piece. Do you have 100 of them? Or even 40?

Why not? 

OH! That’s right! You are waiting for the headlines to say, “Congress expected to pass gun control in X term”, dated 2024. So you can panic with hundreds of thousands of other gun owners and pay $29 a mag. When you can find them.

Not a good plan. 







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