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Like many of our readers, I have heard of California Bullet Buttons. But to be completely honest, I had never personally seen or handled one. So I wasn’t familiar with their particular idiosyncrasies. 

I had heard they don’t require a modification of the firearm. I had heard they could be user installed or removed. But since I had no experience with them personally, I was always suspicious that one person’s standard for “not modified” is probably different than mine. 

It appears the CA Bullet Button leaves the lower unmodified.

So…I am not in California. So how did I get these images? 

A gun store I ran across had a very, very cheap (in both ways) used AR-15 for sale. I believe it came out of California when the previous owner was able to move out of occupied America, and thus, brought it with him. I also am guessing said owner gazed around the land of milk and honey and quickly realized his one CA-Compliant AR was dog $hit. Thus quickly traded it on on something better. 

You stick the tip of a bullet (or pen) in the hole to release the mag.

This gun was cheap. The build was cheap. Frankly it was so cheap, it likely would have been worth more broken up into components than has a stand-alone rifle. And at that price, I figured Freeze would want to know more about it. 

In closing, we didn’t pick it up. Even as parts it wasn’t going to fill any needs in The Armory. But now…I personally know what a bullet-button is and how it is constructed: clamshell with a setscrew and a spacer. Something that is easily knocked out. 

I don’t know for certain, but I suspect if you walk out the set-screw, the entire unit can be removed from the lower?

The million dollar question: Is possession of a regular mag-release button considered “constructive possession” by the CA-DOJ? I ask because if I lived behind enemy lines, I would make damn sure to have at least one regular mag-release button tucked away. And if my city started to riot or otherwise civilly fall apart? I’d knock that piece of $hit out so fast, it’d be a viral video. 

I’d call it, The Korea Town Contingency. 






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