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Can I use my MILSURP Sniper in a Class?

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This question came in recently. I suspect it was prompted by the decision to get Freeze into a modern bolt action rifle for use out to longer ranges. 

The first question that needs to be asked when something like this comes up is, “What is YOUR definition of long range?”. I point this out since invariably you will see some crossed wires between what the internet says, what Hollywood says, what the military says and what facilities you have access too. 

Sure…everybody and their brother wants to shoot 1000 yards. But can your rifle shoot it? Can you ammo shoot it? Can your eyes even see it? But most importantly, if you only have regular access to a 300-400 yard range? Or maybe 600? Why waste money and powder buying a 338LM when YOUR entire shooting universe is less than 1500 yards? 

Mosin-Nagant Sniper

I’ll tell you why? Because some cool kid who is trying to sell you something doesn’t get paid if you shoot last year’s gun. So every new shiny thing he has is gold and everything you have is already crap. Reminds me of the turds at the gun show. 

Oh Here it Comes

Now hold on a minute. Let’s not get it twisted. Our regulars know my first line precision rifles are German, are priced in the 4 digit range, and are knocking on the door of 5 digits once glass and accruements are spec’d out. You want to slap your meat down on the shooting bench to see who has the coolest toys? Stuff it. You’ll loose. That’s not the conversation I am trying to have. You are just changing the subject to stroke your ego. 

I am NOT telling you some crappy Mosin is better than the rest. What I am saying is define the job, and spec out the tool to do that job. A Mosin sniper will hit an 18×18” square target out to some pretty respectable ranges. 

Mosin-Nagant Sniper

And when you lay a 18”x18” box over a human or a deer silhouette, isn’t that getting the job done? With a cheap milsurp rifle? And surplus ammo? 

Damn right it is. Run the gun you brung. Freeze and I will take a couple of Mosin Snipers out to at least 300 yards over the next couple of weeks just to prove the point. If we can get the ranges to dry out and bulldozers on property, we’ll take the Mosin’s out further until it falls apart. 

So if you have a milsurp sniper, a pile of ammo and want to shoot 600 yards and in, stop making excuses. Whatever you have will get the job done. 





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