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Wilson EDC X9L with gloves.
Wilson EDC X9L with gloves.

Another thing I like about the Wilson X9L is the increase in trigger-guard size. Any CCW gun that is carried daily ideally should be shootable with gloves on. 

The reasons should be obvious so I won’t waste your time explaining why. 

Wilson EDC X9L with gloves.
Chainsaw gloves are real gloves.

What you see here is my large-ish hands wearing chainsaw gloves. Which are my go-to gloves when doing range maintenance. 

Testing to see if your guns work with gloves doesn’t count if one is going to wear the glove equivalent of a spandex body suit. That ain’t real world, no matter how much one tries to justify it. Real gloves provide real protection. And that means they have substantial material. 

Wilson EDC X9L with gloves.
Trigger finger easily goes into trigger-guard.

Wilson Combat was very smart in doing this. Any gun that can’t pass this test is typically disqualified as a service-handgun in any large pistol trials. 





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