Chinese Plans

China’s Plans


China Learned from Japan. A country with few natural resources and facing the need to rebuild after WWII, , made a conscious choice to develop its economy based on copying US technology,  adapting it,  and building on the basis of selling cheap and well made products to the USA, and later to Other nations.  Doing so, Japan built itself into a real competitor to the West

China's plans

Tokyo Japan modern day.

China learned from that and copied it and took it one step farther,  inviting in tech companies with the promise of a giant market in China, in exchange for technology,  and sent masses of students to the USA to learn, and steal, with the goal of making the USA and Europe dependent.

China's plans

Chinese spies

China learned from the Wests’ colonialism,  by launching their program of world domination, by offering help to build in 3rd world countries,  ports, airports,  infrastructure of all kinds,  in exchange for credit that China would then collect on by controlling resources worldwide –  just as Europe enriched itself by colonizing Africa and Asia and Latin America.

China's plans

Chinese telecoms in Africa and Europe.

And China learned from sad periods,  when in the late 19th and early 20th century,  large portions of Chinas population were addicted to opium and other drugs,  weakening China,  and so China,  with the cooperation of the Mexican cartels and mobs in Europe,  supplies Fentanyl to be smuggled into the USA as well as helping organize other illegal – drug and human smuggling operations to weaken the USA and Europe.

China's plans

The Chinese are a huge illegal drug source.

The development of Covid-19 in a Chinese Lab,  is just an additional part of this.  Wuhan Lab was established by the Peoples Liberation Army,  using American trained personnel and some American money.  And when a leak happened,  China did what it had to do to protect their own population,  while intentionally spreading the disease abroad.  

You see,  China learns from its history.



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