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I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE REACTION TO Oliver Anthony & His Blue-Collar Political Anthem, “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

MOST OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE REACTED WITH A COMBINATION OF HATE AND DISDAIN.  Oliver Anthony has been called all sorts of names for singing what he appears to believe and he seems to have a giant fan base in a very short time.

Old fashioned country style of music never appealed to me,  but I understand that since the days of Woody Guthrie,  such music has talked about the woes of the working class,  about social and economic issues that affected ordinary people.  Oliver Anthony’s music seems to be like that.

But the Mainstream Media,  based in New York and Los Angeles, which praises Rap videos filled with pictures of half-naked women and songs about rape and murder,  dislikes Anthony Oliver’s song about the suffering of the mass of working-class people who understand that the political class and their hangers-on that seems to not give a damn about them or ethical matters,  gets richer and richer.

If anything this says a lot about the Media and the fact that it is more and more out of touch with the mass of Americans and how it allows itself to be an arm of one political and social philosophy,  facts and truth be damned.

Journalism, that once was almost a calling with the responsibility to inform the public factually,  a calling to be a balance against power, to be a defender against abuse by the powerful,  has become a paid tool of the powerful with no regard for fact.

Very sad.   Suggestion.   Read about Paris just before the Revolution in the late 1700’s.  Then compare it to Washington DC and NY today.



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