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Benelli B76 Shock Test

Benelli B76 Shock Test
Benelli B76 Shock Test

Ok…well…kinda. After 3 years we have sourced some OEM replacement grips for the Benelli B76. It seems look at many of these guns on the internet, a lot of them have damaged grips in the same way ours do. 

Is that because the grips are thinner in that area?

Are users breaking the grips by exerting on that thin area?

Or maybe the world is flat and these grips keep falling over the edge?

Inquiring minds want to know… 

So now that the B76 has some new shoes, I figured it was a good opportunity to shoot the gun again to glean any further data on how the damage is developing. Or as they say in The Navy, “Shock test!”






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