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Cleaning the Rhodesian A5 Shotgun

a5 broken down
Shotgun broken down for basic cleaning.

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while. Many of you are aware of the special run of A5 shotguns that FNH did for the Rhodesian Military and police forces. I have heard some debate that…possibly…these guns were actually ordered by the South African Government and then smuggled into Rhodesia. Thus bypassing an international arms embargo at the time. But I may have my facts twisted. That could be just about FN FAL’s instead. Honestly, not sure as I write this.

But it’s a neat shotgun. Has a large capacity and is fun to shoot! A5’s are cool, 8-shot A5’s are super-cool! But as cool as these shotguns have become, most have not seen one actually broken down for cleaning. So here are some photos I took on the cleaning bench down in the armory.

One day for giggles, I will take it to a local 3-gun match. I predict I will do pretty good on the shotgun stage.




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