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Spectra Shot colored shotgun ammo.

Spectra Shot showed a great product at SHOT Show for those times when you hunt with a game hog—especially one who can’t shoot but claims he made the shot. Spectra’s Waterfowl line uses steel shot pellets coated with a permanent, non-toxic coloring so you can tell from the pellets in the bird which shooter really shot which bird.

The see-through hulls keep you from mixing your shells up with your hunting partner, assuring there’s no “cheating” when it comes to who shot what. Velocity of the 12-gauge, 3-inch loads is 1,400 fps in No. 2 or No. 4 shot sizes. Shot colors are yellow, blue, green or red and a four-box pack (one box of each color) is available online for $125, and that includes shipping. That isn’t cheap by a long shot, but Spectra Shot is about bragging rights if you shoot a banded bird, or putting a game hog in his place.

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