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Cracking Open a Locked Pistol

Springfield Prodigy
Cracking open a locked up gun

This subject is Basic Pistol 101 stuff. But if you have never been formally trained on pistol manipulations, there is no reason to expect people to know this. 

Let me setup the situation. This past week, Springfield Armory released a 2011 format pistol called The Prodigy. Considering the popularity of lower tiered 2011s in the market, it would be silly for Springfield to not make guns in that segment. 

However, as with all 1911 pistols, there is no free lunch. Lower tiered pistols will have a number of MIM, and/or, zero fit parts. Considering the volume of guns Springfield makes, it is inevitable there would be individual examples showing problems. 

Which is fine. But I have seen a number of people on the internet with guns “locked up” who didn’t seem to have the training tools to solve that problem immediately, on the line. 

Note: These techniques cover most guns, not just 1911s or 2011s. Shoot long enough and you’ll see every make of gun locked up. Could be something in the gun is out of spec. Could be the ammunition is out of spec. Could be something inside the gun is broken. 

Barring a catastrophic failure of some kind that would require the gun being cut open, I don’t know a single gunsmith or manufacturer that will accept a locked up gun with a loaded round in the chamber. At least not through the mail. 

So you gotta get the live round out of the gun. This is where you start. 

Also…in a self defense / working gun situation, this is how you get the errant round out of the gun in a gunfight / match. After which hope & pray the rest of the magazine runs fine. 




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