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Crestone 2 Duty Holster

Crestone 2
Wilson X9L Duty Holster

Stopped by one of the local PD’s to discuss the Wilson X9L pistol. They wanted to see it. And it didn’t take too long for the question to be asked, “Will this fix in my duty holster?”

The answer seems to be yes. 

Crestone 2
Wilson X9L in Crestone 2 Duty Holster.

What you are seeing here is a Wilson X9L with Surefire x300 on the rail. Riding in a Crestone 2 rig made by Long’s Shadow Holsters. 

Yeah, that’s a mouthful. But…if you aren’t down for Safariland duty rigs and their unmanageable, unfriendly, insane, Rosetta Stone complicated catalog? Just order something from Long’s Shadow Holsters. 







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