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Custom MAS-36 Rifle Idlib, Syria

Custom MAS-36 Idlib, Syria

This was posted on Twitter by a UK based account called Calibre Obscura. And I have to say, this is amazing. This a French MAS-36 rifle originally chambered in 7.5 French. The poster theorizes this furniture is 3D printed and the barrel has been converted to 7.62 NATO. 

I would buy this all day. The furniture. The barrel. All of it. 

It’s neat to see what could be possible when 3D printing really gets to be commonplace. Also…it is a reality check on the American gun owner who thinks the Remington 700 action is the center of the universe. It is not. Syria being a former French territory has loads and loads of MAS-36 rifles laying around. 

Custom MAS-36 Idlib, Syria

For those who wish to follow Calibre Obscure, he seems to be most active on Twitter. But he also maintains a website with occasional posts: calibreobscura.com






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