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Custom VP & P320 Triggers: The YGF

Full custom belongs on the track. Not the street.

I realize this post will be somewhat controversial, but I was asked for an honest opinion. The reader wanted to know, “who is the best “custom shop” for HK VP9 and SIG P320 triggers?”

My answer as of July, 2016? They all suck.

To explain why I answer this way it is important to understand who I am speaking with. Most American pistol owners will tell themselves, and me, that brand X or model Y of pistol Z is primarily to be used for self defense.


Oh really?

So…Mr. “Self Defense” is eschewing long established models and brands of firearms and instead choosing a relatively new and untested gun. Note, as I type, I can already predict the volume of hate-mail filling my inbox. Why? I’m not sure. Thus far I am describing myself since I carry a VP9. So no reason to get of “self-defense-y” yet. But let’s continue. You’ll get your chance.

“Mr. Self Defense” has decided that the stock box features of the SIG and HK striker pistols are so good, that the “risk vs reward” calculus still works out in his favor and actually carries one. But now, he wishes to tempt fate even more by delving into unproven, and untested custom trigger work. On two pistols that are KNOWN for having FANTASTIC triggers out of the box.

So what’s really going on here?

The truth: most civilian gun owners don’t actually buy or carry firearms for self defense. They buy them because it’s their right or they simply like them. I mean…sure…they all say it’s for, “Self Defense” and I’m 100% sure they all mean it from the bottom of their patriotic, gun-loving, hearts. But it’s actually a lie and I can prove it.

Imagine a scenario where it is literally your job to protect someone and his family. Not you and yours. But him and his. The principal actually writes you a check every couple of weeks for your services. Why? Because there is a need. Now imagine after “an incident” having to explain not only a pistol with very little service history, but you compounded that with a unproven trigger modification, that crapped out at the moment of truth.

Who’s fault is that? If you are a sniveling, weaselly, lawyer type always looking to pass the buck and blame others for everything that goes wrong in life; you might point your “self defense” finger back at the custom trigger maker. And it may very well be a judge, jury and low-rent gun forum agrees with you. But I don’t.


I think you are either a liar or a piece of shit. You abdicated your fiduciary responsibility to the hypothetical-principal by intentionally putting “him and his” into a position of being a guinea pig. So…if you are reading this and thinking you wouldn’t do that to your principal, why on Earth would you even remotely consider doing that to yourself?

When it comes to the SIG P320 and the HK VP pistols, everything is too knew. It’s too untested. We don’t know what we don’t know. But even the most storied gun brands of today went through generational iterations, upgrades, recalls and lessons learned to earn the reputations they have today. Those brands are literally standing on the foundation of 30+ years in service and millions upon millions of rounds fired.

HK VP9 5 empty mags. You really only need 2.
My Personal HK VP9. The trigger job currently consists of thousands upon thousands of trigger-pulls. Nothing else.

The Sig P320 and the HK VP series? Not so much.

Look, I currently carry and run a HK VP9. If the FBI had picked the SIG P320, I would have been compelled to acquire one for compatibility and training purposes. But I’m not kidding myself or my readers. Two years deep into the VP9 with thousands and thousands of rounds through it, I am not prepared to “sign-off” on it as a proven weapon, yet. Same for the P320, even if the FBI had adopted it! Sure, every day someone like me shoots and carries one of these guns, we are farther down the road towards “Good to Go”.

Full custom belongs on the track. Not the street.
Full custom belongs on the track. Not the street.

But as of July of 2016? Not yet.

So…with all of that out of the way, I can now answer the initial question. Which model / make / custom shop trigger job do I recommend for the SIG P320 and HK VP series of handguns? My answer is easy: The YGF.

Not familiar with that brand? No worries. It is also known as the, “You Go First” sucker.



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