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CZ 805 Pistol Left Side

Marky specifically wanted me to check out CZ’s 805 Bren, so here’s my understanding–YMMV. It’s a convertible pistol/carbine, but you can only convert a pistol into a carbine, not a carbine into a pistol or you’re breaking the law. When you convert a pistol into a carbine, you have to have at least three US-made parts to remain 922(r) compliant or you’re breaking the law. A carbine must have a barrel at least 16 inches long, so be careful you don’t break the law. That’s not legal advice, got it?

Imported from the Czech Republic as a pistol, this Bren with its 11” barrel has proven a popular SBR candidate for customers wanting to convert it into an NFA firearm. Those who don’t wish to register with the ATF can always equip it with a CZ adapter kit that allows easy installation of aftermarket arm braces or other devices meant to help stabilize large format pistols like this.

Chambered in .223/5.56 and using the ubiquitous STANAG magazine from the AR15/M16, it easily accepts optics and lights on its top and bottom Picatinny rails. An effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the pistol solidly on target and reduces recoil and muzzle flip.


CZ 805 Carbine w/ 16" barrel
CZ 805 Carbine w/ 16″ barrel

For those who would prefer to own a Bren in rifle form without having to jump through all the hoops of converting the pistol version into an SBR, the Bren is now available in carbine form with a 16.2” barrel. Equipped with the factory’s folding adjustable stock, it also has a new set of flip-up adjustable iron sights.


Scorpion Carbine
Scorpion Carbine

Available in two variants, the Scorpion Carbine is a whole new animal. Building on the lauded submachine gun platform that first hit the US civilian market in pistol form in 2015, the Carbine has a 16.5” barrel fitted with either a two-port compensator or a faux suppresor built specifically for CZ-USA by SilencerCo.

Fit with the factory’s folding adjustable stock, the Carbine features a number of US-made parts to make it fully 922(r) compliant. One of the nicest features of the firearm is the newly-designed forend, covered in M-LOK attachment points to keep the profile slim while still big enough to swallow most pistol-caliber suppressors should the owner decide down the road to convert it to an SBR for use with a suppressor.

Low-profile aluminum adjustable sights round out the platform, and a top Picatinny rail allows the mounting of a wide number of optics.

CZ Scorpion FDE
CZ Scorpion FDE

Following in the footsteps of its clad-in-black sibling, the FDE Scorpion hosts all the same features that have made the Scorpion Pistol a hit. With dead-simple blowback operation, the Scorpion will chew through an ammo stash in no time.

New for 2016 is a barrel threaded 18×1 to accept the factory flash hider, but also threaded 1/2×28 underneath the flash hider to allow the easy addition of a suppressor or aftermarket muzzle device.

An obvious candidate for those who want to create a Short Barreled Rifle, the factory folding stock goes on quickly and easily, and is sold in a 922(r) compliance kit so that you have all the required parts to stay on the up-and-up.

If submitting for an NFA tax stamp isn’t your cup of tea, CZ also sells an arm brace adapter kit that allows the fitment of aftermarket arm braces or cheek weld devices.


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