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D.I.Y. European Skull Mount: “THE POSITIONER”

The Positioner in package.

With the cost of taxidermy these days, a lot of guys just can’t afford or are not willing to shell out the cash for a smaller buck mount. An easy solution for low dollars is a DIY european skull mount. I’m not going to get into the “how to” of skull mounting in this article but what I want to address is how to mount it on the wall.

The Positioner in package.
“The Positioner” is a inexpensive, simple and easy to use.

Lets start off with the obvious. There are many ways to do this and I have used most over the years. One way is to just run wire thru it and hang it on a nail. This works well on outdoor mounts like barns or over outhouse doors but not very appealing in your man cave. The more traditional way is to mount it to some kind of backer. I have used commercially produced plaques as well as made my own. A favorite mount was done using a piece of old barn wood. The methods are appealing, look good and are relatively inexpensive.

Now to the meat of this article. I have come across a mount that I have used this year and have found it to be simple and looks great. The MSRP is $12.99 (as cheap as it gets) and installs in literally five minutes. The Positioner, adjustable skull display bracket for deer. This is a product put out by Mountain Mike’s Reproductions. It is a metal bracket that mounts to the wall with one screw and has a 90 degree adjustment; so you can tilt and angle of your mount to assure the perfect position. If you use a Mountain Mike Skull Kit (more on this later) it has a welded tab that holds the skull. If you go traditional and use the actual deer skill it has a hole in which you drill into the back of the skull and screw it down. This product is simple, easy to install and looks like a million bucks when your deer skull is on the wall.


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