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Daewoo KR-200 at Camp Perry

ROK Rifle
ROK Troops with K2's? Or is this Korean Air Soft? I don't read Korean.

The Daewoo rifles. Where to begin? I have been looking at them for a while with the intention of picking one up. But my main issue is I don’t know enough about them to tell one from the other. Some are piston guns. Some are DI guns. Some take AK mags. Some have thumb-hole stocks for AWB compliance. In summary, I don’t know what I’m looking at. Hence my issue with the rifle featured here.

Daewoo KR-200
Full view right side of rifle.

It didn’t have the thumb-hole stock. It did have a folding stock which I prefer. I thought the price might have been a bit on the high side. It was the National Matches at Camp Perry, so many items are priced stupidly. And I wasn’t even sure the seller labeled it properly. KR?

But one day I will pick one up. It is the home-grown service rifle of the Republic of Korea (ROK). They are quite proud of it, and they should be. They have had some commercial success selling the rifle on the international market. And when one looks at the features of the piston versions, you see the future of the commercial AR-15 market: AR pattern rifles, with folding stocks that are piston driven.

What will I do with one? Frankly, play with it. Run some drills. Shoot some video. Take some pictures. It’s not a serious work gun I desire. That job is already filled. But something cool. Something different. Something unique to run on steel? Seems like a fun time.

So if one of our readers can school me on these, please feel free. I’m all ears.




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