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Definitive SRO Battery Life

SRO Battery Life
SRO Battery Life

Delayed on getting this post out when it happened, but I have more data on “real” SRO battery usage. The Energizer battery died after exactly 3 months and 3 days of usage. 

What is that you ask? Simple. I do not get the SRO auto adjust it brightness. When it’s sunny or brightly lit, I crank it up. As the sun goes down and things dim down, I turn it down. Something in the middle for cloudy days. And every night before bed, I make sure to turn it down to an acceptable very dark setting. 

SRO Battery Life
The last date of battery change.

What this does is slam the battery pretty hard during the daylight hours obviously. But…even my night time settings “can” much brighter than what the sensor would choose. 

This also keeps the dot from cycling when I transition from light to dark areas and vice versa. Also keep this in mind when using hand held lights & WML’s. Same problem. Basically I run high for bright sun. And I run medium-plus for most night time use so I don’t lose the dot when walking into interior lighting. 

SRO Battery Life
Switching to Duracell to see how they do.

Don’t know what Trijicon says the battery life should be, but with Energizer I get way less than spec. Haven’t looked at the logs yet, but I believe that pretty much matches what I got before: Less than 4 months. 

Curve-ball: I have heard Duracell is a much more robust and possibly longer lasting battery. So I will run the copper-top stuff for the next 12 months and see if it makes a difference with my use case. 






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