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Detail Strip EDC X9 & X9L

EDC X9L Detail Strip
Detail Strip Wilson EDC X9L. EDC X9, Detail Strip X-Frame.

First of all, let me just say the quality of this video is not up to our normal standards. I was working late and decided at the last minute to pull out the camera phone and show the detail strip procedure for the EDC X9L pistol. 

I would imagine this also applies to the EDC X9, The EDC X9S, and the X-framed eXperior – double-stack model of pistols. 

I’ve said it before, and I keep saying it. Bill Wilson and his crew know full well what the weaknesses of the traditional 1911 design  and the 2011 design are. 

They set out to address ALL of them and they succeeded. The EDC X-framed guns, detail stripped prove the superiority of the design:

  • How it locks on the hood. Eliminating the two radial lugs on the barrel. Thus stays reliable when dirty. Like a Glock. Big deal. 
  • Fixed plunger-tube vulnerability. Also user serviceable. No staking tools needed. 
  • Deleted the grip safety.
  • Modern 9mm mag tube that feeds almost straight into the chamber.
  • Improved ambi-safety that doesn’t come apart (not shown here).
  • Enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands (read working guns).
  • Smaller grip frame since it’s not built around a double stack, 45 caliber magazine footprint. Unlike the 2011. 
  • Capacity is still 18+1. 
  • External extractor that is durable, user serviceable, and has a hook which securely holds the 9mm rim for the entire cycle. Big deal. 
  • Maintains the great 1911 trigger pull. 
  • Maintains the bushing design (5” models). 
  • Enlarged control surfaces such as the thumb safety, slide stop, and a wider trigger face. 
  • Yet still fits in most existing 1911/2011 holsters. 
  • Front sight uses a set screw, not a dove-tail. Which makes it easily, end-user changeable without special tools. 

I’m sure I have missed a few things. But trust me, this double stack 1911 is a monster of a gun. And I predict with confidence one day, ALL “2011 guns” will be made using the X-frame. 






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