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EDC X9 Complete Detail Strip – Assembly

EDC X9L Detail Strip Complete
EDC X9L Detail Strip Complete

We did a quick and dirty version of this last year. But many viewers wants a complete, step-by-step video showing each part coming out of the gun. And then in reverse, each part going back into the gun. 

Also…this is a good reference video for us long term. 

Additional note: There is one part I did not remove from the frame. That is the plunger tube. I should have done so. The plunger tube on the X-framed guns is dovetailed and keyed. No staking tool required. It can be removed by hand. 

IMO the X9 plunger tube design is WAY stronger than the original JMB plunger tube. Which is acknowledged as a significant weakness of the original GI 1911 design. 

The more one looks at the Wilson X9 design, the more you can appreciate the amount of engineering and creative thought that was expended to address every single weakness and critique of the original 1911. 

Truly innovative. 






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