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EDC X9L Holsters & Mags

Wilson EDC X9 Magazines and holsters.
Wilson EDC X9 Magazines and holsters.

The Wilson Combat EDC line of handguns gives the user two magazine options. A flush-fit 15 rounder and an extended 18 rounder. 

Both magazines work flawlessly with the EDC X9 and X9L. Whether the gun has an extended magazine well or not. You can attribute this to the rather unique shape of Wilson’s mag-well. Additionally I can assure you loading a flush-fit mag into the extended mag-wells presents zero compromises. Even under stress. 

It’s pretty trick. 

Holsters. Here is what I think and what I have been told by Wilson Combat. They will not guarantee holster compatibility across all standard 1911 holsters. But they claim incompatibility is uncommon. 

In my opinion, this can be attributed to:

  1. The trigger-guard being slightly larger. Slightly. This helps the 1911 on multiple fronts: Easier for use with some gloved hands. And less crowding in the trigger guard for folks who want a flat-long trigger. Gloved hand note: The standard GI trigger-guard is an often overlooked ergonomic weakness of the design. Modern service pistols should, and do, work with gloved hands. 
  2. Obviously the grip-frame being a little wider than a single-stack model. This means more bullets. So any holster that covers this sections of grip-frame might need to be relieved. Note:  The forward section of frame appears to be standard 1911 width. 
  3. The slide-stop paddle being slightly larger. Which equates to easier manipulation by the user. Tightly fit holsters with GI spec slide-stops might see tightness in this area. It is my opinion, right now, that the slide-stop area is going to be the leading cause of holster fit issues. Not the trigger guard. Time will tell though. 

So with all of that out of the way, notice the blue-gun worked just fine with my Keeper’s Concealment AIWB rig. I wonder if both items being configured as “railed” helps that? 

I am not a gear reviewer so my opinion is worth about what you paid for it. But so far…I am liking this X9L quite a lot. 






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