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EDC X9L – Is The Trigger Too Lite?

EDC X9L Trigger Pull Weight

Looking back over my projects list and realized I dropped this very simple request: Please do a trigger pull test on the Wilson EDC X9L. 

So here we are. 

Long and short, the trigger pull average is 3LB 6.5oz. Is that too lite? Is that too heavy? Or is that just right? The answer to that question is more a reflection of the individual shooter than the gun or even the application. 

When we ordered the X9L from Wilson, it was with every intention of carrying it, and training with it everyday. At the time, it had been about 8 years since I had run a 1911 as my daily (after carrying one for work 19y – 4 months). So we told them specifically don’t send over a gun with a goofy lite trigger. Please don’t show-boat on the trigger-job. We wanted a nice trigger, but not some sub-2-pound freak-show.

This will be a working gun. Not some “gun reviewer” spec sheet example. 

I think they nailed it. After logging over 10,000 live rounds and probably as many dry-fires, this weight has become my comfort zone for pistol pulls.  Is a 3#6.5oz 1911 trigger a good trigger weight? I think so. 

I also understand there are folks who will swing by with radically different numbers on their 1911s claiming mine is way too heavy. And by their standards maybe it is. 


Opinions on trigger pulls are like opinions about how reliable a gun is: How long you have owned something doesn’t inform the conversation. How much, and how frequently, you shoot it does. 






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