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EDC X9L Locking Lug Design

EDC X9L Locking Lug Design. Barrel lug design.
EDC X9L Locking Lug Design. Barrel lug design.

Ok. In this final installment of the advances and changes Wilson has made to the design of the EDC X9L gun. 

What is it? In a word: friction. Or more specifically a lack of it. 

First they have removed the radial locking lugs from the barrel and added a single locking surface at the front of the hood. Pretty much like most modern striker handguns.

Second they have removed a fair amount of rail off the frame. 

These two changes don’t hurt function or accuracy. And in practice, they actually help the gun be better. Much better. Way better. Especially when VERY dirty or fouled up. 

On a traditional 1911, those radial lugs were prone to catch and hold carbon, slowly choking the gun from inside. And the extra sections of rail just add another area to cause friction and drag on a very dirty, and or dry, 1911. 

Observations: I have run this EDC X9L quite hard. And only thoroughly cleaned it once. But it takes a lick’n and keeps on tick’n. This has been so throughly impressive, I would want ALL my 9mm 1911s to lock like this gun. Even the single stacks. 

And since Wilson is the only 1911 shop doing this kind of locking lug, I am pretty much set on making any new single stack 1911 purchases a Wilson. 

It’s really THAT good, Folks. 






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